B-School 2019

Build a coaching business that fills your bank account and feeds your soul.

Are you tired of feeling lonely and isolated in your business?

Do you spend more hours finding clients than you do coaching them?

Would you like to work with a team that values your input and wants you to focus on coaching?

If you’re a trained coach who wants to do less marketing and more client work, you’re in the right place.

My name is Kim Fulcher.

I’ve been a professional coach since 2001, and I’m expanding my coaching team.

I work with professional women to grow companies, start, advance or change careers, go for big projects, establish thought leadership, improve communication skills, and increase confidence and executive presence. Learn more about my coaching services here.

I wouldn’t be doing this work if it weren’t for my business coach Marie Forleo, and her on-line training program called B-School. In fact, I almost didn’t start this business.

It was February 2014, and I was on the heels of a work break that had allowed me to reassess my priorities. Before my downtime, I’d been as a senior marketing executive at a tech company in Silicon Valley, and before that I’d founded two tech start-ups. I had a lot of experience starting, growing, and selling companies, and that was the problem.

I was ready to do something new, but the thought of stepping back into the grind of a start-up or the schedule of an executive made me shudder. I wanted to get back into the workforce, but this time I needed to play by my own rules. I wanted to earn a great living, doing work that mattered, with interesting people. I also wanted to get my daily workout, eat dinner with my family at night, and be home on the weekends.

I was scrolling through social media when Marie Forleo’s Start the Right Business jumped out at me. A click, a download, and an hour later, I picked my head up with a whole new outlook on business. I’d been thinking about it all wrong, considering starting a big company or being an executive like they were my only options. They weren’t.

Marie described a micro-business, and what did it for me was that she wasn’t just explaining the concept, she was living it. She was leading a thriving on-line business that let her earn a great living coaching and teaching. She got to interact with a community of creative people who were committed to positive impact, and she could work from wherever she wanted to.

I wanted some of what she was having, so I enrolled in B-School to learn how she did it.

B-School is an 8 week live interactive training program for modern entrepreneurs who want to leverage their online presence to fuel higher profits and their higher purpose.

It helped me get clear about how I was going to make money, think about my ideal client, write authentic, non-cheesy copy that works, plan my content calendar, leverage social media and grow my audience.

Today, my empowerment community has more than 50K women from 18 countries. I’m writing my second book, get paid to teach from mostly where I want to, and work with incredibly cool women who are making an impact.

That only happened because I decided to risk and try something new.

If I can do it … YOU CAN TOO.

I want you to establish a coaching business that fills your bank account and feeds your soul. B-School can help you do it. More than 44,000 entrepreneurs have taken the program, so you also connect with a huge community of heart-filled professionals when you enroll. Including me.

I believe in the power of the coaching profession, but I know for sure it’s not enough to be a great coach. You have to be a great business person too. I’ve seen too many coaches scrape by, take second jobs, or quit completely before figuring out how to build a profitable practice. It doesn’t have to be like that. B-School can help you put your arms around the fundamentals of your business.

Are you ready for a major opportunity?

I hope so, because this is a big one.

As mentioned, I’m looking for coaches to join my team.

  • Kim Fulcher coaches are independent contractors, and have clients assigned to them. Team coaches are paid per session, and responsible to deliver coaching services, take session notes, and submit invoices. There is no selling involved.
  • My next coaching team training begins October 2019 and runs for six weeks. SPACE IS LIMITED, SO SECURE YOUR SPOT RIGHT AWAY.
  • I deliver it personally via web call.
  • Once you complete the course, you get a personal 1×1 interview with me for a possible spot on my team.
  • Tuition for the training is $2000. And here’s the big opportunity…

When you enroll in 2019 B-School through my affiliate link you get my program for FREE.

There is a catch.

This opportunity is only for trained coaches.

You must be a coach who has completed a formal program, a coaching student enrolled in a formal program, or a wellness professional with relevant work experience to qualify for this opportunity. My October 2019 coaching team training focuses exclusively on our methodology. It does not teach coaching basics. You need to have those handled as a pre-requisite.

B-School is only offered once each year. Enter your email below to secure your spot on my waitlist, and I’ll contact you when the next opportunity opens up.

You don’t have to struggle and try to figure things out all by yourself anymore.


If I get your bonus, do I still get Marie’s?

Yes! You’ll receive my bonus and all of Marie’s when you enroll in B-School.

What if I don't have time?

Even if you only have a few hours a week to focus on your business, those hours will pay off. Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to B-School. Not everyone is able to sync their schedule with the live B-School experience. You’ll also get the call recordings from Marie’s live coaching calls and can retake the program annually with the new live class. So if you can’t participate live right now, just enroll and go at your own pace.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can now take advantage of Marie’s 12-month payment plan. You also have a risk free, 15 day money back guarantee.

Let’s handle business details.

• If you’re so excited you just can’t wait, email me. You can reach me at kim@kimberlyfulcher.com.

• If you pay in full when you enroll, you get a bonus 30-minute coaching session with me in September before our training starts.

• If you choose the B-School payment plan when you enroll, your payments must be current to participate in my training program.

• I can only offer waived tuition and a spot in my coaching team training if you enroll through my affiliate link. If you enroll outside of my link, you still get all of the benefits of B-School … just not a spot in my team training.

• Securing your spot in my team training does not guarantee you a spot on my coaching team. That requires completion of my training program and a 1×1 interview between you and me.

• This offer is open to US and International coaches.

• While my team specializes in coaching women, you don’t have to be a woman to be on my coaching team. Male coaches are welcome.

• This offer is non-transferrable and does not carry a monetary value.

Find out more about B-School here.