B-School 2020

Kickstart Your Confidence and Claim Your Power

Are you tired of feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed and full of doubt?

Are you procrastinating, making excuses and feeling frustrated instead of fulfilled?

Are you ready to stop sabotaging yourself, and go for your dreams?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place.

My name is Kim Fulcher.

I’m an award-winning author, keynote speaker, and professional coach. I’ve been working with women since 2001, and have more than 12,000 hours of experience helping my clients take control of their lives, focus their careers and develop rock solid confidence.

  • You can develop rock solid confidence.
  • You can feel so good about yourself that you stop worrying about what other people think of you.
  • You can use your time to build a life you love.
  • You can use your energy to create a profitable career that fulfills you.
  • You can use your gifts to make your professional dreams come true.
  • The only thing standing between you and what you want … is a system that shows you how to get it.

That system exists.


I used to sit in my corporate cubicle and fantasize about having my own business.  In my dream I would earn a great living as a coach, author and speaker.  I’d work with women who were focused on starting and growing businesses and advancing their careers, and travel the world speaking to groups about empowerment and performance.

At the time I was a marketing exec for a tech firm.  The position was not a good fit for me, and the pace was exhausting.  I’d always been a positive person, but constantly juggling between the demands of my job and the needs of my family had me burned-out and feeling pretty pessimistic.  I wasn’t taking good care of myself, and had zero energy to put into making my dream a reality.

Thankfully, as I was scrolling through social media one day, I stumbled upon an entrepreneurial workshop by the extraordinary Marie Forleo, who’s a New York Times best-selling author, and the Founder & CEO of her own business, which has been named one of Inc.’s 500 fastest growing companies.

Marie offers a how-to program for modern day entrepreneurs called B-School, and the workshop I listened to was called Six Pillars to Grow Your Online Business.  I loved it!  It gave me a blueprint to use as I started thinking about the kind of business I dreamed of starting.

Marie’s energy is uplifting and I was really inspired to learn that she was doing exactly what I dreamed of doing.  She was leading a thriving on-line business that let her earn a great living coaching, teaching, and producing great content. She got to interact with a community of creative people who were committed to positive impact, and she could work from wherever she wanted to. I wanted some of what she was having, so I enrolled in B-School to learn how she did it.

B-School became my roadmap.  I followed it step-by-step, and now I’m living my dream … with no cubicle in sight.  I’m making a great living coaching female founders, executives, authors, and artists and speaking to corporate groups and women’s organizations about performance, engagement and empowerment.

Working from my kitchen table, I’ve grown my on-line community to more than 50,000 women from 18 countries. I’m writing my second book, and more than 500,00 people have watched my advice videos.  It’s kind of mind blowing, and it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t listened to that one Six Pillars video.  (See below – you can listen to it for free!)

Maybe you’re fantasizing in your cubicle too, and you want to explore what life could look like if you started your own gig.

Maybe you’ve already made the leap, but now you’re frozen in the face of everything that needs to get done.  (Where do you even start, right?)

No matter where you find yourself right now, I know B-School can help you start and grow your own profitable business, because it helped me start mine.

B-School is a masters in entrepreneurship for the modern woman.  I’m such a raving fan that I’ve become a program affiliate, which means I earn a referral fee if you make a program purchase through my affiliate link.  For now, the only link in site is to the free webinar that changed my whole life.  Give yourself the gift of listening. Your dream can come true too.  You’ve got this!


B-School is an 8 week live interactive training program for modern entrepreneurs who want to leverage their online presence to fuel higher profits and their higher purpose.

It helped me get clear about how I was going to make money, think about my ideal client, write authentic, non-cheesy copy that works, plan my content calendar, leverage social media and grow my audience.

Today, my empowerment community has more than 50K women from 18 countries. I’m finishing my second book, traveling the world to speak to groups, coaching female executives, authors, artists, and founders, and working with incredible people who are making an impact.

That only happened because I decided to take a risk, roll my sleeves up, and do something about my dream.

If I can do it … YOU CAN TOO.

  • Maybe you’re a coach, consultant, blogger, or speaker juggling between finding clients and serving them.
  • You might be a female founder balancing the demands of growing a company with the need to secure funding for it.
  • You could be an author, artist, or thought leader trying to cultivate an audience and build your brand while struggling to reserve your creative energy for your art.
  • You may be working in a corporate job, but fantasizing about a side hustle that would give you more freedom and control of your time.
  • No matter where you find yourself, there is a path for you to follow.
  • B-School is your entrepreneurial roadmap. More than 44,000 entrepreneurs have turned to it to start their own heart-centered, highly profitable businesses. Including me.

To be successful you need to KNOW WHAT TO DO and then DO WHAT YOU KNOW.

Are you ready to no-kidding-once-and-for-all make your dream business a reality?

Are you ready to feel confident and focused while you do it?

I hope so, because I have a freebie for you that can help you have it all.

You see, the biggest obstacle standing between you and what you want is you doing what you need to do to have it.

B-School will show you WHAT TO DO to have a successful business.

My B-School bonus will help you get organized, get into action, and DO WHAT YOU KNOW.

Think of it like a follow-through insurance policy.

When you enroll in 2020 B-School through my affiliate link (HERE) you get my system for FREE.

Kickstart your CONFIDENCE
and Claim your POWER
with my Slay It System™.

  • Take control of your time and energy by clarifying what’s most important to you.
  • Take charge of your meaning and tap into your natural motivation.
  • Learn to say no, set boundaries, make requests, and upgrade your inner talk-track.
  • Make sure your actions are moving you closer to your goals by setting a strategy, developing empowering habits, and outsmarting self-sabotage.

This four module self-management system combines coaching video instruction with downloadable worksheets.

Slay It System™ tuition is $995, but I’m waving that fee when you enroll in 2020 B-School through my affiliate link.

I’m able to do this, because Marie and I are partners, and I receive a commission on your B-School tuition when you  Click Here To Enroll

So basically, you get two programs for one fee!

You can master your business with B-School and get yourself to follow through using my Slay It System™ – all for the price of your B-School tuition, which is $1999.

Once your tuition is covered you get lifetime access to both B-School and my Slay It System™.

B-School is only offered once each year. Click the button to below to get started!

Click Here To Enroll

You don’t have to struggle and try to figure things out all by yourself anymore.


If I get your bonus, do I still get Marie’s?

Yes! You’ll receive my bonus and all of Marie’s when you enroll in B-School.

What if I don't have time?

Even if you only have a few hours a week to focus on your business, those hours will pay off. Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to B-School. Not everyone is able to sync their schedule with the live B-School experience. You’ll also get the call recordings from Marie’s live coaching calls and can retake the program annually with the new live class. So if you can’t participate live right now, just enroll and go at your own pace.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can now take advantage of Marie’s 12-month payment plan. You also have a risk free, 15 day money back guarantee.

Let’s handle business details.

  • If you’re so excited you just can’t wait, email me. You can reach me at kim@kimberlyfulcher.com.
  • If you pay in full when you enroll, you get a bonus 1X1 coaching session with me.
  • I can only waive tuition for my Slay It System™ if you enroll through my affiliate link. If you enroll outside of my link, you still get all of the benefits of B-School … but no Slay It System™.
  • While I specialize in coaching women, you don’t have to be a woman to benefit from this offer. Men are welcome.
  • This offer is non-transferrable and does not carry a monetary value.