Put your career on fast-track.

My team and I work with professional women to;

Grow Companies

Start, Advance or Change Careers

Go For Big Projects

Establish Thought Leadership

Improve Communication Skills

Increase Confidence and Executive Presence

In short, we help career women SLAY.

As a female entrepreneur, and two-time founder in Silicon Valley, I have a special connection with entrepreneurs and female leaders. Success rules for women are different than success rules for men, and the bar is higher for women. If you want to succeed, you have to be on top of your game, and that’s a lot easier said than done. We all have blind spots. Having a coach helps you think strategically, solve problems, improve your performance, and develop a long-term plan. Working with a coach puts your career on the VIP track.

If there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be … and VIP sounds good to you, let’s chat. You don’t have to be bored, disappointed, and confused on the job. You can feel focused, excited, and confident about your work. Let’s go get after it.

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