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Motivation is about connecting what matters most to the individual with what matters most to the organization. My keynotes make that connection. They are energetic, engaging, inspiring, and designed to tap into your audience’s natural drive. I’ll fire your team up, make them laugh, and challenge them to upgrade their thinking, while giving them practical tools that improve communication, increase collaboration, and produce results.

Each talk is customized to address the objectives of your business, and the unique challenges of your audience. All talks are steeped in science and coaching methodology, but delivered with a friendly vibe that makes it easy for people to learn.

Most Popular Talks

Five secrets to skyrocket your career.

Spark your passion and take charge of your professional path. You’ll learn;

  • The surprising secret to performance.
  • Why you get off track when you do, and how to get back on again.
  • How who you think you are can hold you back.
  • The skill every CEO looks for in a leader.
  • The universal law that determines your success.

Take charge of your power.

Power is not something you HAVE. Power is something you DO. You’ll learn;

  • The three-step formula to focus your power.
  • How to upgrade your inner talk track and mute that disempowering voice in your head.
  • How to speak up, set boundaries and make clear requests.
  • Why you can be busy all day every day, and still not move closer to your goals.
  • A simple tool you can use to figure out your next step.

How to navigate change like a champ.

In the new world of work, change is a guarantee, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. You’ll learn;

  •  Why change throws you off your game, and how to master it.
  • The five stages of change, and how to deal with each one of them.
  • Four secrets to getting a grip when everything is changing.
  • What to focus on to make your way through the rocky road of change.
Kim Fulcher Speaker

The Best Events Include Books

I’ll stay after our talk to meet your audience and sign my best-selling book, Remodel Your Reality.

What Clients Are Saying

“Kim is a motivational force! She gives practical advice and tools on how to move the needle on performance. She is an energizing speaker that leaves her audience always craving more.”

Allison Tiscornia, Vice President Customer Service


“Kim’s energy is contagious, and she is funny and relatable.  Her talk wowed our audience!”

Daria Tsvengar, Founder
Supergirls Club

“Kim rocked her talk!  She taught our audience about how change works, and what to do to master it.”

Erin Petersen, Editor in Chief


“Kim had an immediate connection with our audience. Her energy is infectious, and she filled each participant with hope and optimism.”

Deborah Jiang-Stein, CEO

“Kim energized our employees with a series of inspirational and motivational sessions, helped
start and coach our internal women’s group, and presented a jam-packed keynote at our annual
user conference. She is a supportive, positive, motivational force.”

Tami Mandeville
Vice President of Marketing, Inkling

“Kim engaged our audience with humor and positivity and led a panel discussion that provided listeners with real take aways to use in their businesses.”
Kathryn Cartini, Co-Founder, Chloe Capital

Together, we’ve got this!

kim fulcher take the leap
June 27, 2019 in Community Podcasts

Change Could Do You Good

Change is a Destination, You’ll Need a Mode of Transportation Ponder Cheryl Crow’s song, “A Change Would Do You Good” and David Bowie’s “Changes.” Think about the challenges of change…
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Remodel Your Reality with Kim Fulcher

Kim shared so much wisdom about how to make self care a priority, manage your energy, own your innate power and stand forth as an empowered leader. Join us for this podcast and listen to the main take-aways!

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