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What problems do you need help solving? If you’re struggling, you can bet someone else is too. Every episode of GrooveTV is for you. Every word of the blog is my heart to yours. I want to cover stuff that really matters to you, and hearing from you helps me do it. It’s also empowering to use your voice, and that’s what this fierce little community of ours is all about.

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  • Avatar Demetrius Tang says:

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  • Hi there!

    Can you please connect me with the correct person to discuss creating content for social media for Kimberly.

    I see a lot of opportunity by repurposing the content you’re already making, and I’d really love to connect.

    Thank you,

    Dan Cumberland

  • Hi Kimberly,

    Just checking in to see if you got my last message, and would like to hop on a call together.

    My company, VideoSnap, is a software built to easily create video content from your talks.

    Over the past week we helped 3 thought leaders do the following.

    →One got 856 more views on his content.

    →Another was invited onto 3 podcasts after hosts saw her videos.

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    Use the content you’re already making to your advantage by repurposing it.

    What time are you free over the next week?

    -Dan Cumberland

  • Avatar Karen B says:

    Hi Kimberly,
    I just watched your podcast with JV Crum, and I absolutely loved it!
    The way you talked about behaving in opposition to one’s goals, really jumped out to me.
    What a great insight!
    You had so many little ah-ha moments in the interview.
    Have you ever thought about repurposing those great moments into clips for social media?
    I think it would be a really powerful way to get your message out to more people.
    Can I share more to show you what I mean?

  • Avatar Zara says:

    Hey kimberley I’m so glad you popped up on one of my fb memories

    Sadly a few years ago my husband took his life infront of me in a horrific way.
    Since then I’m just numb, un motivated, un confident….. I don’t know who I am anymore!
    So any help would be very much appreciated

    Kindest wishes

  • Sponsorship / Assistance / Working Together.
    Giwa Community Response is a newly formed Community Based Organization that deals with Environmental Conservation, tree planting, street / slum cleaning, and river cleanup every first Sunday of the Month at Nyeri County – Kenya, between 2.00 pm- to 4.30 pm. This involves about 55 – to- 70 volunteers who are provided with gloves, gumboots, garbage bags, and masks.
    We did our first Cleanup on 7th March 2021 from 2 pm –to 4.30 pm, around kiawara, majengo and around river Chania, in Nyeri County, Kenya and it was very successful though we are still facing some challenges like resources to buy more protective items; gumboots, gloves, branded t-shirts and garbage bags. Our humble request is to collaborate with ideas on our project or assistance in terms of protective materials.
    Your consideration on this matter will be highly appreciated.

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