Let’s go get your power.

Congratulations! You just said yes to your own empowerment. You GO Girl!

The word empowerment is defined as “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.” This coaching program is an empowerment process. It’s designed to help you claim your power…one lesson at a time.

There are 20 lessons overall. If you do your work, before you know it you’ll be in command of your own power, and using your energy to make your dreams come true.

I just sent you an email with your program planner and your personal link to join our private Facebook Group. Follow the link in the email to join this invitation-only community (which is exclusively for our members).

Download the planner for an overview of all 20 lessons, an assessment to help you figure out where to start, tips about engaging with our community, and details about our monthly drawing for a live 1X1 coaching session with me.

Email Details

Please allow up to 15 minutes to receive your email, make sure to check your junk mail folder, and add kim@kimberlyfulcher.com to your list of approved addresses to make sure my messages get through to you.


If you need help with your planner or your invite please email marie@mariefaheyvirtualassistant.com. Thank you for allowing one business day for a response. (I know waiting isn’t easy.)

There is no wrong way to do this program. There are 20 lessons organized into 4 paths. Work on them in any order you choose.

Every lesson has a video and a blog. You can choose to watch the videos, read the blogs, or do both.

Pick a path, and work on each of those lessons before moving to the next one. Or, work on multiple paths at one time.

Do one lesson a week, one a month, or one every single day. You get the picture.

Do it any way you choose.

It takes a village…and we need our girls!

I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without the women in my life. I hope you have a group of impactful and inspiring women around you too. What would happen if you invited them to do this program along with you?

Science says that inviting just one person to work with you more than doubles your odds of completing the program. And did you know that you’re 95% more likely to complete a goal when you go for it with a group?

It turns out partners help us stay motivated, practice what we’re learning, and provide built-in accountability. They also make the whole process a lot more fun and fulfilling.

It’s simple to start. Just have your friend enter her email at www.kimfulcher.com to get her planner, and snag her invite to the private FB group. Then start talking about what you’re learning…together.

Welcome to our empowerment village.

I’m so glad you’re here.