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Crown Straightened and Priorities Set: Moving Forward For My Best Self

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Isn’t putting yourself first, occasionally, great for the self? Of course it is!

But, what does “being first” look like? Could it be viewed as women learning to use their voices? Is that an example of putting yourself first? Absolutely. Or even being your own Valentine?

What does it mean to be your own Valentine? Chocolates and flowers? Bubble bath? Massage and mani/pedi? Okay. Any of those would work, right? But…for me, being my own Valentine looks a bit different.

Stepping up to the task. Accomplishing a goal. Feeling satisfied for a job well done. Even fighting the urge to procrastinate, to stay in bed, and hide my face, some days. (We all have those days, right?) Having the inner strength to show up and get it done. Those are the things that make me feel valued, and valuable, to myself.

Self. What is self? The word, defined, represents, “the total, essential, or particular being” (The Free Dictionary by Farlex). So, becoming responsible for that “total, essential” being is a job only we, as women, can accomplish for ourselves. The task of protecting that self is our responsibility, and our right.

Voicing one’s opinion. Standing up for one’s self. Ignoring naysayers. Pushing back, when necessary. Saying, “Yes.” Saying, “No!” Saying, “Enough!” All are empowering. All take women to a place of authority over the self, over circumstances. There are times when we are our only advocates. In the work environment. In the “man’s” world. In the home, even. Women must protect their own selves, and having a voice, in general, allows for higher self-esteem and a sense of value and influence. Read More