Hey Beautiful!

It’s great to meet you.

I thought we’d take a different approach to this part of the website. Usually this is the place I’d share my bio. I’d probably list all of my professional accomplishments in order to prove that I’m qualified to offer you advice on life. (Don’t worry. I am a professionally trained life coach, and I’ll share all the bio details at the bottom of the page).


Here’s the thing. I want to know you. I want us to be friends.

That means you should have the opportunity to know me – the real me. Not just the packaged formal bio version of me. So I thought I’d share my story with some personal photos.

My Love

kim-n-jayI’m 46 years old. I’m happily married, and have been with my husband, Jay, for 18 years.

My Family

kim-n-jayI hit the jackpot when I married Jay, because he gave me four amazing bonus kids Joey, Emma, Becca and Megan. Then Joey married Lauren, and they gave us Payton and Harlow.

I'm A Grandma

kim-fulcher-grandmaThat’s right – I’m a grandma! I’m a gaga one too. Payton and Harlow call me Mimi. To say I’m in love would be the understatement of the century.

Mr. Bogey

kim-bodyAllow me to introduce the 4 legged love of my life. He’s my 10 year old lab. He’s a dumpster diver. We have trouble keeping him out of food – as his girth would indicate. He is 100 pounds of wagging love.

Home Base

selfcare-kimI live in Silicon Valley between the beautiful city of San Francisco and the cozy town of Los Gatos. I’m also very lucky to have a ranch in the state of Washington. This is a shot of me at the ranch.


lovetotravelI love to travel, and I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of the world. No matter where I go, nothing gets me like the beach. It calms and soothes and inspires me all at the same time.


kim-travel I’m a health nut. Green juice, lemon water, and heavy veggies are my go-to favs. I’m a fan of farm-to-table. Where my food comes from matters to me. I also have a highly cultivated sweet tooth. I love chocolate, and jolly ranchers and gummy bears typically don’t survive around me.


kim-healthI like to cook and garden. I love home décor. I have a book addiction – almost always of the self-help variety. I love movies and television. I adore The Real Housewives (all of them), The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. I’ve been known to Netflix binge, and I’m a little OCD. I’m also a bit of a rebel. I’ve never met a rule I liked.

My Time

kim-meditateIt took me a long time to establish a self-connection practice that worked for me. I’ve got a good routine worked out now. I journal, meditate, work out, walk my dog in nature, and take a long hot bath pretty much every day.

I’ve been coaching for about 14 years. For the last ten years my focus has been on women. I LOVE WOMEN! We are so amazing. We make our worlds – and the worlds of so many others – go around. I truly believe that every social problem in our world can be solved if enough empowered women get involved. I believe you were born with purpose, and you have a job to do in this world. Not like a 9-to-5 job. You have contributions to make. When you show up in your life fully empowered, you make those contributions brilliantly. I’m here to empower you. I’m here to remind you of your strength, beauty and abilities. Along the way, I’ll also teach you practical strategies to make your life what you want it to be.

Official Biography

Kim is a professional coach and the author of Remodel Your Reality™; Seven Steps to Rebalance Your Life and Reclaim Your Passion. She publishes a popular advice blog for women at www.kimfulcher.com, and is the host and producer of GrooveTV, an advice series on Youtube.

A passionate advocate for women and girls, Kim serves as an Ambassador for Women for Women International. She speaks professionally about empowerment, and is a frequent media contributor on women’s issues. Her expert advice has been featured in magazines such as Time and Seventeen.

Kim is a seasoned Silicon Valley professional and highly regarded entrepreneur with experience in education technology, digital media, and community development. She is a recognized expert in affinity marketing, and serves as a board member, advisor, and angel investor.

Her previous roles include executive marketing leadership for HotChalk; an education technology company, founding Mylifecompass; a digital coaching company, and co-founding SkillsVillage; a HCM company (acquired by Oracle).

Kim combines her diverse business background with more than 14 years of coaching experience to help women solve real problems in practical ways. She is a happily married stepmother of four, a health nut and an activist for women, girls, animals and the environment. She lives between her homes in Silicon Valley and her ranch in Washington State, and is currently working on her second book.

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