Welcome back to the Remodel Your Reality Challenge! One thing I know to be true is that any reality you can imagine has the potential to exist. But first, you must create that vision. The most satisfied lives, the greatest accomplishments, and the most powerful contributions begin with a vision.

It’s time for you to envision your ideal life. But remember – you need to think about all areas of your life, not just one or two. A life in balance is a lot easier to keep spinning smoothly than one that’s lopsided or overweighted in one area! In my experience, crafting a vision and plan around these six key categories creates a blueprint for a life of fulfillment, satisfaction, and balance: self-care, relationships, finances, home, career, and personal growth and experiences.

One Thing To Think About

If you want to live in balance and fulfillment, you must have a vision of success for all areas of your life. Each area must have a distinct objective that contributes to your vision, well-being, and happiness, and each will depend on the others to succeed.

One Question To Answer

What areas of your life currently seem to get the most negative attention (fixing problems or dealing with stress) or positive attention (making plans, nurturing goals)? What areas do you pay the least attention to?

One Challenge To Take

Set aside between thirty and sixty minutes and consider what you want in each of the following areas of your life. Suspend realism for a moment and really connect with the desires of your heart. Don’t worry about how you’ll accomplish what you write down. For now, step into the belief system that if you can envision it you can make it happen.

  1. How do you want to take care of yourself? What will you commit to in the area of Self-Care?
  2. What kind of connections do you want to share with others? What will you create in the area of Relationships?
  3. What would your financial ideal look like? What do you want for your Finances?
  4. Imagine your ideal Home. What are you committed to developing in this area?
  5. If you could develop any kind of Career, what would you want for yourself?
  6. What kind of life experiences would you like to have? Describe your ideal for the category of Personal Growth and Experience.

Congratulations! You’ve just completed a crucial exercise! Knowing what you want is more than half of what is required to get you there. Your willingness to consider the ideal you’d like to create in each area of your life sends a powerful message to your body, mind, and spirit—the message that it’s time to stop settling. It’s time to start living the life of your dreams.

Take Care of You!


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