Week Six: Secure Support

By September 26, 2014 November 20th, 2014 52 Week Challenge

Welcome to Week Six of The 52 Week Remodel Your Reality Challenge! By now you have taken a moment to recognize the phenomenal power living within you, committed to making (and taking) time for yourself, and started to anticipate the obstacles that can derail your success. This week, we’re going to focus on another crucial component of creating a joyful and prosperous life; support.

One Thing To Think About

Long-held habits and behaviors can be difficult to change. Altering them requires consistency and focus. We’ve established that your ability to show up for yourself each day will be crucial to your success. Another critical component of your accomplishment involves securing a support system.

We all need someone to celebrate with when we win and encourage us when we fall. The people you turn to for regular support will be one of the greatest predictors of your life’s success and satisfaction – or failure and frustration.

One Question To Answer

Think about the people in your life.

  • Who lifts you up and supports you through both good and bad times?
  • Who tears you down or causes you to question yourself when what you really need is validation and encouragement?
  • Ultimately, what type of support system do you need in order to create the results you want in your life and work?

One Challenge To Take

It’s time to create that system of support. We’ll get started by leveraging the relationships you share with people who lift you up – and limiting your interaction with those who do not.

  • This week, acknowledge the people in your life who support you. Thank them for their encouragement, and let them know how much you appreciate their presence in your life.Share your dreams with them, and ask them for help. (Perhaps one of these friends might even want to take The 52 Week Remodel Your Reality Challenge with you).
  • Think about the people you’ve identified who are not playing a supportive role in your life. In future weeks, we will discuss a communication strategy you can use to ask this type of person to change their behavior. For now, it’s best to limit the time you spend with this group of people – at least during the first weeks of this challenge.

If you can’t limit your time with them, minimally avoid discussing the new direction you’re moving in. The buds of change are precious and fragile. They must be protected from harsh conditions (such as these critics) if they are to blossom and grow.

I cannot stress how important it is to invest your valuable time and emotional energy in nurturing relationships that challenge you, lift you up, and provide you with acceptance and love.   This week, give yourself this gift!

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