Welcome back to the Remodel Your Reality Challenge! In my work with clients, I’ve encountered three obstacles that keep people stuck in mediocrity. Typically if one or more of these blocks is present, you’re likely to surrender to the life you have instead of working toward the life you want. These common obstacles are learned helplessness, fear, and the absence of a plan.

Learned helplessness is when an individual doesn’t believe that she can change the circumstances of her life, or she’s so afraid of what that change might bring that it becomes easier to settle for the life she has than to go for the life she wants. This is fear-based living at it’s purest.

But you can break out of learned helplessness and fear by consciously staking your claim for the life you deserve by creating a clear vision with a structured plan to guide your daily activity and adding the power of committed action to your vision and plan. This process is the most direct route to your success.

One Thing To Think About

Most people fail to create the results they want in their lives because they haven’t committed to living by a plan. Instead, they’ve allowed their fears and busyness to lull them into a settled state of learned helplessness. The good news is you aren’t most people, and you don’t have to settle.

One Question To Answer

What fears stop you from going after your dreams? If you weren’t afraid, what would you go for?

One Challenge To Take

You’re poised at a perfect cross section on the road of your life. Will you live by design or default? I challenge you to choose the path of design. The energy, focus, and enthusiasm a plan will unleash in your life will lead you to success beyond your wildest imagination.

Start by getting clear in your own mind about what you want for your life. We’ll tackle some of the steps to achieve that plan over the next few posts.

Take Care of You!


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