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B-School is Open for Enrollment!

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If you want help to start or grow your own business, you’re in the right place.

Allow me to introduce you to my business coach, Marie Forleo. She’s the founder of B-School, a coaching program designed to help you bring your dream business to life. B-School only runs once per year. And that time is NOW!

I’ve been a student of B-School for the last 3 years. It taught me how to build a for-profit, for-good, heart centered online business. By applying the program, I’ve grown this empowerment community to more than 45K women, and my coaching advice videos have been viewed more than 500,000 times. I’ve done this from my home office (or my couch or dining room table) with my dog at my feet.

Maybe your dream business isn’t feeling so dreamy, and you need some structured support to get back on track. You could be making progress, and be ready to take things to the next level. You might be working in the corporate world, fantasizing about making your side hustle your full time thing, or you could be toying with the idea of starting something. No matter what path you’re walking, B School can help you get clear and GET GOING.

I’m so thrilled with B-School that I’ve become an affiliate partner. That means I earn a commission if you decide to enroll through my affiliate link (at the bottom of the page). I’ll be rolling my sleeves up to help you slay this thing when you enroll through me. In fact, I have an entire bonus package for you. Think of it like a little insurance policy for your success.

Get Your Business Groove Back Bonus Package

  • You’ll get my Short Circuit Self Sabotage workbook. Let’s be honest, sometimes you get in your own way, don’t you? This workbook will walk you through why and how you do it, and I’ll show you how to STOP doing it once and for all. We’ll talk about what could keep you from making the most out of B-School, and we’ll put a plan in place to help you overcome those obstacles in advance. Finally, we’ll set goals for the program, and I’ll give you a fun (and FUNNY) system you can use to put an end to feeling overwhelmed.
  •  We’ll form our own Private FB group to share advice, support, laughter, and our experience of the program. (I’ll be doing it right along with you for my 4th year in a row now.) Think of me like your life coach/fellow student/personal cheerleader/accountability buddy.
  • Finally, after we’ve finished 2018 B-School, we’ll have a 1×1 coaching session to create your 90-Day Execution Plan. The execution plan is another workbook. (It’s my GO-TO organizing tool. You’ll LOVE IT and use it for life.)

This is important. You must enroll through the link below to qualify for these bonuses. I’ll email you within 1 business day of your completed enrollment to get started on this B-School journey of ours.

I can’t wait to hear your story, learn about your business, and help you accomplish your dreams! I know that if you’ve read all the way down to the bottom of this page you want this. SO ACT. Enroll for you, and for all of the people who will benefit from your business once you get moving. I’m so glad you’re here, and I look forward to sharing this journey together.

Get Started HERE

You’ve got this, Girl! XO Kim

If I can do it, you can too!

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When I started my business, the last thing I wanted to think about was marketing. (I’m an empowerment coach. I wanted to focus on working with clients. ) Eventually, I realized that to find clients I’d need to start marketing. (Sigh.) Even worse, I was going to need to do it on line. (Yuck.)

When I thought about online marketing, it brought to mind cheesy jargon and squeeze pages. I wanted no part of it. Happily, I connected with Marie Forleo and her program B-School, where I learned that marketing doesn’t need to be sleazy at all. In fact, authenticity rules in the online world.

Marie taught me how to market from the heart. Using her strategies, I’ve grown my empowerment community (this very one you’re part of) to more than 45K women from 9 different countries, and in just two short years, I’ve reached more than 500K women through my coaching advice videos. (That’s a lot of empowerment, right?)

I’m doing work I love, helping people I care about, and I’ve done it through on-line marketing. If I can do it, you can too. If I can do it, you can too. Check out Marie’s free training video to learn more.

I’m so excited! B-School IS HERE!!!

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I almost didn’t start my business. It was 2015, and I was working in a corporate job while yearning to venture out on my own. I wanted to do more meaningful work, and I fantasized about having control of my schedule. I was holding back because I had this picture in my mind about what a business was supposed to look like. It included employees and investors, and that sounded terrible to me.

It was about that time that I learned about the amazing Marie Forleo and B-School. I took her free business workshop, and it changed EVERYTHING. Marie introduced me to the concept of the micro-business, which is just like it sounds. It’s a business that’s kept intentionally small. It’s location independent, and has no employees. Just like that, she gave me another way to look at things.

I enrolled in B-School, and launched my current company, which now lets me offer empowerment coaching to thousands of women in 9 different countries each day – from wherever I happen to be. B-School helped me make my dream business a reality. I’m a forever fan, and happily this year I’ve become a partner as well. If you have a dream business in you, I enthusiastically encourage you to check it out. You can start with Marie’s Free Business Workshop about how to make a profit while making a difference.

Curious? Click HERE to learn more!

You’ve Got This!


How To Make Guilt Work For You

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How often do you feel guilty?

A recent poll of parents found that both moms and dads feel guilt an average of 23 times per week. (Wow, right?) How about this stat – another survey of women found that moms feel guilt EVERY SINGLE DAY.

What about you? Are you in the guilty-every-single-day club? (It’s not really a club you would have joined on purpose, is it?) While you probably can’t get out of your membership, guilt doesn’t have to make you miserable. In today’s blog, and in our current episode of GrooveTV, I’ll teach you how to make guilt work for you.

Step 1: Understand the science of guilt.

Before we talk about how to manage guilt, let’s talk about why it’s important for you to take control of it. We begin with the obvious. Guilt feels terrible. (But you already knew that, right?)

Unfortunately, it gets much worse than just feeling bad. Guilt produces a stress response in your body, which weakens your immune system, reduces your libido, and MAKES YOU FAT. (I have your attention now, don’t I?)

There is science to how this happens. When your guilt is triggered, your body releases cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Cortisol is designed to help you with the flight part of a fight-or-flight response. But when you don’t really need to run from the saber toothed tiger (because he’s only chasing you in your head) you basically jack-up your biochemistry. (That’s a scientific description.) Read More

Who are you? How to navigate the ins and outs of identity

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Who are you? That’s a pretty loaded question, isn’t it? When you attempt to answer it, you probably refer to your identity, which is your sense of self. It’s the sum total of your personality, interests, likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses all rolled up into one lovely complicated package. Your identity is how you think about and see yourself.

Throughout your life, you’ll go through many changes. (And if you’re part of my free coaching program, you’re definitely gonna shake things up.) The thing is, all that shaking and changing impacts your identity. And that can feel FREAKY.

In fact, when you’re going through your own changing times, you can feel like you’re coming unglued. (You kind of are.) Change causes pieces of you to shift. Think of it like an identity earthquake. You’re going to live through it, but you’re probably not gonna like it very much.

It’s important to get your arms around your sense of identity, because it impacts how you show up in the world. It even determines whether or not you succeed in making positive changes in your life.

You see, you cannot behave outside of your identity. You always act in accordance with who you think you are. Which means you have to line the way you see yourself up with the changes you’re making if you want them to stick. (How hard do you think following a nutrition plan is going to be if you keep reminding yourself that you’re a junk-food-junkie with no food discipline?)

In our current episode of GrooveTV I’ll show you how identity works, and help you put your finger on where yours is shifting (or where it might need to). Armed with that information, you’ll be more sure-footed as you make your way down your own path of change. As an added bonus, you’ll also feel a little bit less like you’re losing your mind. Press PLAY already. Your sanity awaits. ☺ Read More