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How to Get Unstuck

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If you’re human, you’ve probably been stuck a time or two. In fact, if you’re reading this, it’s a good bet you’re stuck on something right now. (If that’s the case, please keep reading. I can help.)

Being stuck is exhausting, because even though you’re not getting anywhere, you’re in constant emotional motion. You see, stuck comes with it’s own playlist of feelings. In the beginning, you might be frustrated, impatient, or indignant. Eventually you transition to feeling angry, sad, and possibly even hopeless.

Stuck-ness involves struggle and repetition. Maybe you’re having the same argument over and over again with your spouse (or boss, or parent, or child) where you talk the problem to death, but you can’t seem to solve it. Or the same kind of person might be showing up in your life again and again, bringing their drama with them.

The worst version of stuck makes you feel like a huge loser. This is the stuck where you’re doing something that isn’t good for your (or your life). You know it’s not good for you. But you keep doing it.

You’re spending money you don’t have, or drinking or popping a pill to numb out. You inhaling pints of Ben & Jerry’s or pounding bags of Doritos to comfort yourself, or perhaps you’ve found some other self-defeating thing to put on repeat.

Every morning you vow you won’t do it again, but you do. Then you feel so bad about yourself you need to numb again, so you go right back to what you said you wouldn’t do. You don’t have to live in this cycle. Read More

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I have learned that I am bigger than my fear. I now show up for myself by protecting myself with healthy boundaries. I have learned that I am more than capable of being the best version of myself.

Fenesha HubbardEducation Consultant

Working with Kim really made me connect to and trust myself. Her simple tools will work for me for the rest of my life. I did not just get my groove back, I got my GROOVE ON! My life will never be the same. I GOT THIS!!!

Gena MurrayWife, Mom, Mortgage Industry

I think every woman should have a coach in her camp. Look at all the great athletes - where would they be without a great coach? My self confidence has improved drastically working with Kim. She taught me to use my strengths and helped me go for my dreams. My business has increased by 100%. I feel totally confident to coach my clients after coaching with Kim.

Dixie McDaniel de AndradeWife, Mom, Life Coach

My self-worth was at an all-time low. I knew I had self-esteem issues, but I did not realize how unworthy I felt. Now for the first time in my life I am confident. I am able to focus on achieving the goals I set for myself. Especially since I now have tools to help me. Thank you Kim Fulcher!

Ruthie ElizondoWife, Mom, Realtor

I didn't know who I was anymore and I felt like I was floundering in everything I tried to do. Kim came in with her upbeat, but matter-of-fact approach, and kicked my butt into gear. She didn't tell me how to manage my time or how to get healthy. She showed me that what I need to know is already there. If you even slightly think you need this program, you do. You will thank me later.

Julie JohnsonWife, Mom, Blogger

Without coaching with Kim I don’t think I would have built my business to the point where both my husband and I could leave our full-time jobs, but I did. I think for many of us making a commitment to ourselves can be difficult. We have a tendency to put everyone else first. Push past that! Make a commitment to yourself and Go For It!

Jeri MorganWife, Mom, Business Owner

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