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Featured Profile

“I love Kim’s online energy. I look forward to her posts each day because they truly inspire me and make me feel like a 'badass'! Seriously, my doubts about being a coach and an entrepreneur diminished as I followed the exercises in the program. There were several takeaways for me, but the one that empowered me the most is the statement ‘WHAT YOU THINK + WHAT YOU SAY + WHAT YOU DO = YOUR POWER.’ BAM! I literally have that posted on my wall as a mental focal point. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Kim for creating the group and allowing others to join. You rock!”

Jay SharpeLife Coach

“I find Kim’s content very practical and useful. I learned to stay in action and move towards my purpose. I have developed affirmations and clear purpose statements that I have posted around my home and car. I’m reminded every day of what I am here to do in my work. I have seen an increase in my creativity and my business followers as a result of getting more intentional. If you want to grow, don’t hesitate.”

Melissa Pintor CarnageySex Educator Social Worker | Parent Empowerment Coach

“I am in a place of figuring out who I am and why I react and behave the way I do. I am focusing on what I can do to make myself happier. I’ve aligned the way I see myself with who and what I want to be. I have become more aware and am catching myself when I start to go off track. My advice is GO ALL IN.”

Amy PeaceFitness Instructor

“I was looking to get unstuck, and start moving forward toward my life goals, and I did! I learned about the things that were holding me back, and took steps to release them. I’ve started working on projects that I let lay dormant for a long time. I got involved in a screenwriting class, worked on a new show, and started to work through the cobwebs that were keeping me trapped. You just have to take the first step.”

Amy RivardProfessional Singer

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Power is not something you HAVE. Power is something you DO.

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NO. I’m okay to go it alone.