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Week Eight: Manage Your Physical Space

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We’re in Week Eight of The 52 Week Remodel Your Reality Challenge! By now you’ve likely started to make some real changes in your life, and I’m willing to bet you’ve begun to enjoy an element of momentum – which makes you feel great. Congratulations!

Last week we started talking about energy, and I introduced you to the concept of physical energy, as it relates to the way you take care of your body. (I hope you took last week’s challenge and integrated at least one strategy to take care of your body!) This week we’re going to talk about your physical space.  Read More

Week Six: Secure Support

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Welcome to Week Six of The 52 Week Remodel Your Reality Challenge! By now you have taken a moment to recognize the phenomenal power living within you, committed to making (and taking) time for yourself, and started to anticipate the obstacles that can derail your success. This week, we’re going to focus on another crucial component of creating a joyful and prosperous life; support. Read More

Week Four: Personalize Balance

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In the last couple of weeks we’ve addressed the primary question I hear from people all over the world, “How do I find time for what matters to me?” I hope you have enjoyed and benefited from our discussion.

The second most prominent question I encounter as I meet with people around the world has to do with balance. “How do I balance all of the demands of my life; work, home, family and self?” That’s what we’re going to talk about this week. Read More

Week Five: Anticipate Obstacles

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Have you ever embarked on a personal improvement program only to fall off the wagon within a few weeks of getting started? What caused you to fail?

Did you have trouble making the time to apply the program’s material? Did you try to do too much at once? Were you talking to yourself in a disempowering way, saying things such as, “I never finish what I start” or “It won’t matter anyway”? Read More

Week Three: Take Time

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Last week I challenged you to identify and eradicate at least one time waster in your life. I hope you were able to define and delete at least one thing in your day-to-day reality that was taking your time without contributing to your dreams. This week, I want to challenge you to reclaim some of your newfound time. Read More

Week Two: Make Time

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The most frequent complaint I hear from men and women around the world is “I don’t have enough time to _________.” No matter what you want in your life; whether it’s a successful business, financial independence, a loving relationship, a fit body, or any combination of desires, you must make time in your day-to-day reality if you want to bring your dreams to life. Read More

Week One: Think, Answer, Act

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Welcome to the first week of what I hope will be a life-affirming journey that will excite and ignite you!

For the next 52 weeks, I’m going to introduce you to practical life skills, success tools, and fulfillment concepts designed to help you take control of your life and reclaim your passion. These skills, tools, and concepts will be pulled from my book, Remodel Your Reality (

If you’ll allow me to be your coach, I’ll put three things in front of you each week – for the next 52 weeks; Read More