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Find your life purpose. Here’s how.

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What were you born for? Why are you here? Is there a purpose to your life?

You’d better believe it.

You were born with unique gifts and talents. As individual as your fingerprints, your spiritual DNA was created for impact. Success and achievement can’t fill the hole that purpose was designed to fit. Until you’re living yours, no matter what else you accomplish, you’ll feel like something’s missing. Because it is.

I used to have a gaping hole where my purpose should have been. It was seriously ginormous. It made me hustle and hide. I bulldozed and achieved, all the while keeping my finger on the pulse of which me needed to show up for whatever situation I happened to find myself in.

I accomplished a lot, and my masks looked pretty good to the casual observer. I had all the bright shiny boxes that society says matter checked. And I was still dissatisfied. None of it was enough.

My emptiness was tugging at me, begging me to slow down, look and listen. I wasn’t interested in disrupting my neat little world, so I ignored the invitation. Until it wasn’t possible to ignore it any longer.

Eventually life served up some major wake-up-you-dumb-shit lessons. There is a rule about lessons related to your life purpose. They start gently. Just enough to get your attention. If you don’t give your attention, they get harder. Until you do. Read More

Why you don’t have what you want, and how to get it.

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Do you ever catch yourself scrolling through social media feeling a little bit jealous?

Susie has an amazing family. Josh is killing it at work. Lisa and George just bought a new house. Kayla is so fit, and look at Tina’s gorgeous family.

It’s not that you aren’t happy for them. You are happy for them. It’s just that you want a little bit of what they have (or what you think they have). You wonder why they have what you don’t. What’s so special about them?

Are they more educated or talented than you? Did they have more advantages in their childhood? Possibly, but that’s not the reason they have something you don’t. That’s because they’re doing things you’re not doing.

I’ve been working as a life coach focused on women’s empowerment for more than a decade. My job is to help my clients get what they want. I do it by working three steps with them.

These three steps can help you create almost any result you want in your life. In this week’s video coaching session we’ll walk through them together. Press PLAY already. Aren’t you tired of wanting? Read More

How to tame your stress when you’re ready to lose your s***

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I could feel my irritation escalating.

I was on hold with the utility company.

I was also behind on an important deadline, and I had work to do. My Internet connection had just stopped working for the third time that day. It was a chronic problem, and I was out of patience.

I didn’t have time for this. I was juggling multiple projects, back-to-back meetings, weekly travel, and 300 emails a day. (And that was just my job.) I wasn’t stressed. I was a stress ball.

And then it happened.

The operator came back onto the line, and told me I’d need to be transferred to another department. I was three transfers and twenty minutes into the call already. It was the last straw.


It was ugly, and I was not nice – or polite or professional or any other appropriate descriptor. I was a raving maniac, and when I hung up all I’d accomplished was yelling at some poor customer service agent.

You’ve been there, right? You’re juggling so many balls you feel as if you’ll lose your mind. Push comes to shove, your very own final straw shows up, and you tumble over the edge. Read More

Got problems? How to solve them for real.

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If you’re breathing, you’ve got problems. They’re part of the human experience, and while they’re not a lot of fun to deal with, they’re actually designed to strengthen you. Every time you deal with a problem you have the chance to take a little piece of your power back from wherever its been lent.

What a concept, right? Your problems are for your empowerment!

I’ve been working as a women’s life coach for more than a decade. Over the years, clients have sought my coaching for major life problems like divorce, infidelity, job loss, health crisis, or the loss of a loved. These are problems that rock your foundation. They require you to look at your life (and your self) in a new way.

What’s surprising, yet true in my experience, is that seemingly smaller problems can cause an equal (though less dramatic) amount of emotional pain and suffering.
Issues like relationship problems, financial struggles, job dissatisfaction, and stage-of-life transitions (like dealing with mid-life or empty nesting) can upset your equilibrium and steal your joy.

Whatever the nature of your problem, you can solve it. Read More

How to have more peace in your life.

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How much peace do you have in your life?

I’ve been a life coach focused on women’s empowerment for more than a decade now. The thing most of my clients are ultimately seeking is peace. Peace is a feeling of tranquility. It’s a deep breath. It’s a knowing that everything is going to be okay – that you are going to be okay.

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that the degree of peace you have in your life is entirely up to you. The bad news is that the degree of peace you have in your life is entirely up to you.

In other words, you can experience peace in your life every day, but you’re probably going to need to change your perspective – and your behavior – to have it.

In this week’s video coaching session, we’ll walk through 3 simple steps to help you cultivate more peace in your life. Read More

How To Be Most Productive Person You Know

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You are command central for your life. Your family, co-workers and community depend on you, and you deliver. You used to function like Superwoman. You could handle all incoming. No problem. But something has changed. You seem to be more easily overwhelmed and frustrated, and you’re a little bit irritated that everything falls on you.

Sound familiar?

I’ve been working as a life coach focused on women’s empowerment for more than a decade. I’m also a 45-year-old woman, managing this mid-life transition thing myself.

What I’ve seen time and time again is that even the most on-top-of-it woman reaches a point in her life somewhere in her 30s, 40s, or 50s where she hits a wall. The wall has to do with mid-life, and the many physical and emotional challenges that accompany this phase of life.

One such challenge has to do with everything you’re managing and how you’re managing it. You simply cannot continue to operate full steam ahead, being everything to everyone in this next phase of your life. You can’t. And if you insist on trying, your frustration will turn into anger. That anger will eventually become a seething resentment that (at best) steals your joy and (at worst) makes you sick.

You are so much better than that.

I want better for you, and you can have it. In fact, my entire reason for writing this blog is to make sure you have at least one place you can turn to for practical advice to navigate the changes you’re going through.

What I know for sure is that the better you get at managing your life today the more certain it is that you’ll have the ability to create the life of your dreams tomorrow.

So this week in our video coaching session I’m going to teach you how to be the most productive person you know. We’ll do it in 3 steps. (Press PLAY already. You’re life is worth it!)

  • Step 1: Narrow your focus.
    You might have been able to be everything to everyone in the first few decades of your life. This is not sustainable behavior. You have limited time, attention, and energy available to you each day. You need to become much more discerning about how you dole those resources out.
  • Step 2: Choose your battles.
    Speaking of attention, where is yours? Do you get caught up in petty stuff that doesn’t matter? Are you holding imaginary conversations in your head, saying things you wish you could say in your outside voice? Are you solving problems that have nothing to do with the goals you’ve set for yourself? Are you wasting your energy on drama? Your attention is a finite commodity. You must stop giving it to stupid shit. ☺
  • Step 3: Post. Play. Pay attention.
    If half of success is showing up (and I believe it is) the other 50% involves engaging and paying attention. It’s not enough to get your body somewhere. Your mind and heart need to be there too. Finally, I want you to start paying attention to whether or not what you’re doing is working. Is your approach getting you what you want? Awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing. Not so much? No worries. Adjust your process. You’ll get there.

Give yourself 5 minutes to dive into this week’s video for more detail on these strategies, and please give them a test drive. Let me know how it goes. Comment in the comments section below. I respond to everything personally, and I love hearing from you. If you want to connect daily, head over to Facebook or Instagram and join the conversation.

You are so strong and so capable. I know life can feel scary sometimes, especially when it feels like you are changing. You don’t have to do this alone. If you haven’t already, please join my community. Enter your email at and I’ll send you a weekly coaching blog and video every Wednesday.

I have a feeling you’re going to surprise yourself with your awesomeness.

You Got This!



How To Make Your Weirdness Work For You

By Get Your Groove Back 4 Comments

I’m weird. I always have been. Different. Not like everyone else. I have my own unique ideas and interests. I learned to hide that weirdness at a very early age. We moved a lot when I was a kid. And when I say a lot I mean about every 2 years. I attended 8 schools by the time I was a senior in high school.

Kids can be tough. When you’re the new kid you learn to put on whatever mask is required for you to fit in, and boy did I cultivate a few masks! My desire to be accepted was stronger than my desire to be myself. So I stopped acting like me. Little by little I began to deny all of the parts of myself that I feared were unacceptable. Eventually, I forgot they were even there.

I was in my late 30’s when it hit me that I’d been pretending, wearing masks, and hustling for acceptance for decades. I was tired of it. So I decided to stop. Read More

Get Motivated – 3 Steps to Unleash Your Mojo

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Are you bored, unmotivated, and even a little bit skeptical that you can have what you want in your life?

Are you dreaming of something that you haven’t summoned up the mojo to go for?

Have you been trying to lose the last X pounds for a decade or more?

Are you using willpower to get yourself to a job you hate, or walking through your life like a zombie just making it through each day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions – this blog’s for you.

Where did your oomph go? If you were a motivated person at one time you mourn the loss of this superpower. If you’ve never been motivated, you’re pretty sure you were born without that chromosome. In fact, you’re sort of annoyed by motivated people. Read More

How To Say No Like You Mean It

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Do you have it? Symptoms include feelings of overwhelm, resentment, anxiety and failure. If you’re afflicted you’re probably also chronically tired. The cherry on top of this unhappy sundae includes short episodes of you losing your s**t, usually about once a month. What’s going on? What are you so angry about anyway?

You think these surprising emotional episodes are about your hormones, but while hormones play a part, they are not the answer. Your hormonal cycle provides you with an important window every month. This window usually lasts between 1-3 days.

It is a point-in- time where you simply cannot tolerate the bull you normally put up with, so you blow. This window should not be feared. It should be welcomed and studied. It will show you every place in your life where you have to stop saying yes when you mean no. Read More

See Ya Self Doubt – How to Start Believing in You

By Get Your Groove Back, Set Boundaries 6 Comments

I know your secret.

You doubt yourself.

All. The. Time.

You think doubt stops you from going for your dreams, and it does. But that’s not all it does. Doubt rides co-pilot with you all day long. It stops you before you speak up in meetings. It muzzles you before you ask for what you want. It shuts you down at the first hint of excitement. It silences you. It makes you anxious. It keeps you small.

Doubt BITES.

Aren’t you over it yet? I am! In fact I’m so over it for you that today I’m going to show you how to stop doubting on yourself once and for all. Read More